Dayman - Aleman / Two Brothers / Stone

Wasp honey hive karate chopped full of coffee pellets and pear rinds.



Seattle Beer Week 5th Anniversary Organic Pale Ale - Fremont Brewing Company

Seattle Beer Week on the horizon & Fremont sums up why the PNW rules:  Fresh and green.

Plucked from the equator.  Tropic resin crackers & mango waffle cones. 4.5%. 

Now my days aren't all overcast


                              black death & the executioner


Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porter - Schooner Exact Brewing Company

Creamed peanut butter and whipped whiskey mousse.  Carbonated purée of coconut & cocoa.

I feel reborn. I'm like a Phoenix rising from Arizona - Frank Costanza



Blight - Elysian Brewing

Toasted cinnamon & ginger crusted apple crisps. Sugar malted candy corns.  Your dentist cringes at the mere aroma of this beer.  7.4%.

The undisputed masters of pumpkin beers.  The end is beer.


Sangre Fall Feast

Pumpkin spiced, drunken jerk sauced pulled pork & coleslaw on a toasted ciabatta bun, beet bloody garlic aioli fingerling potatoes, and a beet, red onion, green pepper, cilantro salad coated in olive oil and pomegranate balsamic vinegar dressing.


Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter(s)

If brewing died off over tomorrow there is little doubt that beers under the 'Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter' category would be the first ones re-liquidated by Herbert West.


Pumpkin Junction

My long overdue first trip to Beer Junction conveniently coincides with their 1st annual pumpkin beer extravaganza.  Elysian are the Tyson of pumpkin beers but Puyallup's Jack O' Lahar was gingerbread torsos blended, blasphemied, and battered in boozed caramel icing. 

Pumpkin beer milkshakes?!

Elysian Dark O’ The Moon / Elysian The Great Pumpkin / Elysian Hop Squash / Epic Ales Pumpkin Pie / Puyallup Jack O’Lahar / Southern Tier Pumking / Midnight Sun TREAT / Ace Pumpkin / Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin / Uinta Punk’N




Hansel And Gretel Ginger Pumpkin Pilsner

Noble gingerbread men drowned in lemon honey & roasted on peppered stakes. Buried in spiced capes under coffined earth. 4.5%.

October 1

                       The best month of the year has arrived.


Pumpkin Spice Ale - Two Beers Brewing

Two Beers is another one of Seattle's fine brewing establishments.

Buttery nutmeg pudding cauterized with clove and vanilla. 5.2%.

They're fun, they're frightening, and they glow in the dark.


Harvestous Mutation

Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale is all things pumpkin pie spice and just in time for the autumnal equinox. 5.7%.

Hazardous Mutation is necessary for any Halloween party mix. This mother's strong.

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” ― Thoreau



Harvest Dance - Boulevard Brewing Co.

I don't think I've tried a beer from Boulevard that wasn't phenomenal.

Fluffy wheat infused grape wine and spiced gum. Creamed clove fused in whipped apple syrup,

Dry mango & banana toffee.  9.1%.

Wolf Girl of Devil's River

Back from the Brink

Huge thanks to the Cat Clinic of Seattle for all their care and help.

Powered by a newly acquired taste for venison and desire to grow antlers, the panther has returned for the black cat season.

The Great Pumpkin - Elysian Brewing Company (2012)

Elysian Brewing's 8th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival is right around the corner.

The countdown begins.


Halloween Movie Round-Up 2012

Sixty days of sinister, spooky, & supernatural cinema to satisfy your Samhainian sweet tooth! 2011, 2010, 2009.

Re-Animator (1985): 1000/10
The Thing (1982): 10/10
Black Sabbath (1963): 10/10
Terrorvision (1986): 9/10
Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010): 9/10
Creepshow (1982): 9/10
Thinner (1996): 9/10
Drag me to Hell (2009): 9/10
The Signal (2007): 9/10
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965): 8/10
The Cabin in the Woods (2011): 8/10
Absentia (2011): 8/10
Eerie, Indiana (1991): 8/10
Haunted Honeymoon (1986): 8/10
The Innkeepers (2011): 8/10
Night of the Comet (1984): 8/10
Friday the 13th Part 4 (1984): Crispin Glover's Dance/10
Graveyard Shift (1990): 8/10
The Langoliers (1995): 8/10
Dark House (2009): 7/10
Squirm (1976): 7/10
Friday the 13th (1980): 7/10
Piranha (2010): 7/10
Seed (2007): uhhhh/10
ATM (2012): 6/10
Creature (2011): 6/10
Girls Gone Dead (2012: 5/10
Hostel III (2011): 5/10
Piranha 3DD (2012: 5/10
Open House (1987): 5/10



Dax Riggs, Pumpkin beers hitting the shelves, and Fremont Brewing cans available like water.

August starts off with a bang and hopefully ends with a kitty getting back to his manic self.

I hear seeds of an old pumpkin creakin'.



                      Best time of the year is on the horizon.



A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Snail

Lagunitas brews beers that are hazed and hopped.

Chambered spiced apricots.  Missiled citrus, torpedoed tangerine, and balsamic banana bombs.

Muzzled honey with a cannoned candy finish. 7.5%.

Snail's Blood is a riff DeLorean that will bring yours ears and mind back to the future of 90's Seattle.

When gas was under a buck, Congress and nosy sports writers hadn't ruined baseball yet, and William Pickard was tabbing third eye soundtracks.

1. Mental Models
2. Sleep
3. Underwater
4. Committed
5. Via/Penny Dreadful
6. Relief
7. Blood
8. Cleanliness
9. Screen
10. Not for Me
11. Blacklight

"Blurring vision is replaced by distinct rocking and tilting sensation.  I don't seem to be tilting but the room is, side to side." - The Tingler


June Doom

The best establishment to kick off a long vacation with the little lady is Brouwer's.

Delightful and bountiful.

We also gave the Burgundian, a whirl. It has the ingenious idea of serving the best meal of the day,all day long.

Olde Bluehair vs. Adam.
I'm not an advocate of televisions in bars but Kids in the Hall on loop could work while imbibing in beercentric abodes.

There were only two places anyone in Seattle needed to be on June 9, 2012.

The first was last call at Fremont Brewing.

The second was at Studio Seven for The Gates of Slumber, Hailhornet, and Church of Misery.

The multi group encore of Saint Vitus's War is our Destiny ruled.

My initial impression of Brad's Swingside Cafe was insincerity coupled with mulishness (Possibly, the most negative thing I've written on here).

However, despite even that, the restaurant vibe and the food/wine were amazing.

I'll be back even if they tried to ban me.

                   Winding out a long weekend at Chinook Pass.


Parabola + Graveyard

Parabola is pretty much impossible to hold for more then a day or two.

Buttered bourbon and ash cured currants.  Velvet vanilla with smoked caramel and charred marshmallow berry oil.  12.5%.

Graveyard's Hisingen Blues is not meant for those with dainty cerebellums, postures, or ill refined sensibilities.

Music built for '64 Pontiac Charger GTO's and unconventional mustaches.  Or in the alternative, for heavy presses and equally heavy drinking.

Dusty and sinister analog space rockets of blazing head knotted gloom that's sure to liven up the party.


Labyrinth Black Ale - Uinta Brewing Company

I kept walking past Labyrinth in the store, which was a huge mistake.

Maple brown sugar and vanilla charred bourbon ham glaze.

Warm chicory cocoa and smoked rye butter. Sweetened raisin and brandy molasses.

Lemon licorice finish that warms into caramel sourdough.  13.2%.

If this was an IPO the price won't rip you off.