Pike Pale Heirloom Amber Ale - Pike Pub & Brewery

Pike Pub & Brewery is located right in the heart of Seattle's famous tourist destination Pike Place Market.  Home to fish throwing and public urination.

Pours rusty brown with copper tinting and bubbling crisp carbonation.  Aromas of roasted malts and peppered grassy hops.  Drinks easily with nutty sweetness and shadows of lemon zest. 5.3%.

Best job title ever: Fishmonger.

Dax Riggs: 2010

1. Dividing Down the Sunlight

2. I Hear Satan

3. Say goodnight to the World

4. You were born to be my Gallows

5. Let me be your Cigarette

6. My heart awakes Screaming

7. Like Moonlight

8. No one will be a Stranger

9. Gravedirt on my blue suede Shoes

10. Sleeping with the Witch

11. I'll see you all in Hell or New Orleans

Why he isn't a household name proves the end is nigh.

Jubel 2010 - Deschutes Brewery

Pours a crimson tinted mahogany. Sparkling carbonation with a crystallized rim of caramel hued head.

Aromas of blackened cherry and coconut laced plums. Softened with vanilla and brown sugar.

Rich cedar ripened grapes and fiery tannic raisins. Subtle bitter cocoa finish. Smoked sassafras spice and toasted citrus. A bit hot but should become velvety with breathing age. 10%.

Aged in pinot noir barrels for 13 months. Bottle says best after 01/29/11.

Patience is no virtue.


The Gates of Slumber - Hymns of Blood and Thunder (2009)

Fourth full length from Indiana's The Gates of Slumber

Equal parts Iron Maiden, Cirith Ungol, and Conan the Barbarian. 

Triumphant tone and trampling riffs perfect for a driving a late 70's Trans Am off a cliff or vanquishing enemies into flames.  Victorious fuzz pours out and answers the riddle of steel.

Plodding retro doom with a slice of folk.  On the nine-toe tour with Weedeater this spring.

1. Chaos Calling
2. Death Dealer
3. Beneath the Eyes of Mars
4. Doom of Aceldama
5. Age of Sorrow
6. Bringer of War
7. Descent into Madness
8. Mist in the Mourning
9. Iron Hammer
10. Blood and Thunder

Perfect for deadlifts or drinking.

Fat Scotch Ale - Silver City Brewing Co.

Silver City Brewing Co. is located on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Pours cherry cola dark with maroon highlights when held up to the light.  Razor thin head with tight glassine bubbles.

Aromas are sugary caramel malts with a faint peat backdrop and a dash cocoa peach. 

Candy plum and butterscotch. Smoked brandy with a buttery finish. 9%.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.



Supergoose DIPA - Hale's Ales Brewery

Hale's Ales Brewery is located at the nexus of the universe between the Fremont and Ballard neighborhoods of Seattle.

Pours cloudy copper with light cinnamon hues.  A veil of white membrane lace.  Plush liquid pine sap aromas.

Crushed evergreen and swirled grapefruit tang.  Barely noticeable toasted caramel malt spine tries to curb the razor sharp hops.  Keep the taste, increase the ABV, and this could be one of the best IIPA's around. 7.5%

Is the plural of mongoose, mongeese?

The Ventures - 10th Anniversary Album (1970) - 99¢ Record #7

The Ventures, from Tacoma, WA, are one of the smoothest instrumental rock bands of all time. 

While probably best known for the Hawaii Five-O theme song they have an extensive discography with over 100 million albums sold worldwide.
This double LP has them covering 60's pop classics with their own brand of funky pseudo psychedelic surf rock. 

Perfect easy listening for perfectly easy listeners.

1. Everybody's Talkin'
2. Sweet Caroline
3. Medley: Who'll Stop the Rain/Bad Moon Rising
4. Michelle
5. Good Morning Starshine
6. Bridge over Troubled Water
7. Eleanor Rigby
8. Sound of Silence
9. Strangers in the Night
10. Those Were the Days
11. MacArthur Park
12. Medley: Blowin' in the Wind/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
13. Up, Up and Away
14. By the Time I Get to Phoenix
15. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
16. Let It Be
17. Sugar, Sugar
18. Never My Love
19. Delilah
20. Hey Jude
21. Spinning Wheel

Annette Funicello > All.


Avatar Jasmine IPA - Elysian Brewing Company

Pours chromatic orangish gold. Fresh floral aromas with vanilla malt and honey sweetness.

Lemon and lime coated in vibrant herbal freshness.

Jasmine flavors are the highlight with a balance between creamy sweet and citrus piquancy. 6.3%.

I'd bathe in this.

All Cats Go to Valhalla


Loser Pale Ale - Elysian Brewing Company

An homage to Sub-Pop Records with a picture of Mudhoney on the label.

Pours caramel with tangerine highlights. Despite a small rim of heading a healthy sheet of lacing coats around the glass.

Fire glazed sugar infused with tropical fruit aromas.  Taste is chewy sweet like syrupy toffee coated cherries.

Roasted pale malts and pineapple.  Lemon resin bitterness in the finish. 7%.

Only flannel is real.

Rufus & Chaka - Masterjam (1979) - 99¢ Record #6

Eighth studio album from Chicago's Rufus with Quincy Jones at the controls. 

The cover of this album sums up the foundation for the perfect party: hot pink, pin striped pants, inebriated jogging down a sunny CA street, crimson leisure suit, and a lone strawberry.

Funked out bass lines and catchy disco-lite arrangements that can make even the non-dancers sway.  Carefree and up tempo with some soulful vocals from Chaka Kahn.

1. Do You Love What You Feel
2. Any Love
3. Heaven Bound
4. Walk the Rockway
5. Live in Me
6. Body Heat
7. I'm Dancing for Your Love
8. What Am I Missing?
9. Masterjam

There was a time where the coolest people danced in synch.

Spring Fever Belgian Style Grand Cru Ale - Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company is located 30 miles east of Seattle. 

Aside from bottling beers that are readily available around WA, the Snoqualmie Falls brewery location is just down the street from the Great Northern Hotel (aka Salish Lodge & Spa) as seen in David Lynch's classic early 90's television show Twin Peaks.

Pours heavy copper tinted amber with a crowning rocky white head and strong carbonation.

Juiced aromas are flowery with hints of cranberry and pine.  Coriander also begins to come through full throttle.  Drinks tart and spicy with a strong hop profile.  As it warms the cloved breadiness rounds out against orange zest. 7%.

Never trust someone who doesn't like beer or Twin Peaks.

Black Sabbath, 02/13/1970

Side One
1. Black Sabbath
2. The Wizard
3. Behind the Wall of Sleep
4. N.I.B.

Side Two
1. Evil Woman
2. Sleeping Village
3. The Warning



Universale Pale Ale - Fremont Brewing Company

Fremont Brewing Company is an organic family owned brewery located in the center of the universe (Fremont, WA).  Organic barley from the Okanogan Valley in B.C., hops from Yakima Valley, and delicious water from the Cedar River.  They plan to can beers before the end of the year but for now offer growlers.
Pours deep crisp copper tinted blond with golden hues.  Tight white head with a trim of subtle lacing. 

Delicate citrus and mellow malt aromas with floral and wheat undertones.  Drinks smoothly with peppery citrus hops and honey sweetness.  Perfectly clean, herbal, and fresh.  5.2%. 

In a just world this would be flowing from your kitchen tap.

How Long the Night Was


Diamond Knot IPA - Diamond Knot Brewery

Diamond Knot Brewery is located in Mukilteo,WA an upper crust suburb twenty-five miles north of Seattle on the Puget Sound coast.

Pours a fiery mandarin orange with brassy bronzed hues. Creamy off white head and curtain lace lasting to the bottom of the glass.

Floral, juniper, and citrus aromas. Toffee malt base with hints of grassy peach and oily grapefruit. Crisp sweetness balanced against tongue puncturing hops. Honey towards the end. 6.2%.

Brewing quality beers should get you rated the 10th Best Place to Live in 2009.

Witchcraft - Witchcraft (2004)

Debut full length from Witchcraft

How doesn’t a band from Sweden fronted by a singer named Magnus and started with the goal of paying tribute to Bobby Liebling and Roky Erickson sound awesome?

Deliriously fuzzy tunes that conjure up the long haired ghosts of the 70’s while rattling out analog soaked riffs that crush most modern music.

Hazed vocals blazed in retro-psychedelia and warming guitars that make you feel like you’re lying in a basement draped in shag carpeting. Blues saturated and stirred with the mellow macabre.

Flows with no hints of repetitiveness and deserves to be labeled one of the best albums of the decade.

1. Witchcraft
2. The Snake
3. Please Don't Forget Me 
4. Lady Winter
5. What I Am
6. Schyssta Logner
7. No Angel or Demon
8. I Want You to Know
9. It's So Easy
10. You Bury Your Head
11. Her Sisters They Were Weak

Born too late.

Ruud Awakening IPA - Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Pours more amber than orange while settling in on the darkened hazy side.

Strong aromas of candy sweetened citrus.

Grapefruit with peppered lemon twist.

Batters the with sugary sweetness and warms to a cotton mouth finish. 7.2%.

In a time where breweries are proliferating (I)IPA's, like nuclear arms during the Cold War, it is nice to taste a different approach to the style.