Weedeater - God Luck and Good Speed (2007)

Third full length from the road warriors who put Mad Max to shame: Weedeater. Gatefold packaging and gold vinyl. Produced by Steve Albini. The album wrangles in their live earth shattering tone and energy perfectly. They could end up knocking the planet off its axis.

Opening riff oozes distorted bluesiness and sets the pace for the crushing haze of grooves ahead. Vocals sounding like a gargling of cough syrup, gravel, and bourbon as the lyrics "Mankind is unkind, man" are barked out. A perfect opening for the whisky battered hymns to follow.

The first side has two instrumental tracks that rumble and roll with thrashy, gravy covered, grooves. A murky bluegrass banjo track to help regain your vision. But the monstrous-deep fried-swinging-rhythms continue into the second half and include a blistering cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Back My Bullets." Drumming that registers on the Richter Scale, a guitar that could floor a herd of hippos, and a bass denser than a black hole.

Best live touring band today. And what better way to wrap up one of the heaviest albums of the decade than a piano track.

*Live Shot Above Courtesy Of: C. Graczyk

1. God Luck and Good Speed
2. Wizard Fight
3. For Evans' Sake
4. Alone
5. 20 Dollar Peanut
6. Dirt Merchant
7. Gimme Back My Bullets
8. Weedmonkey
9. Willow

Weedeater are the real deal, real talk.