Homefront IPA - Fremont Brewing Company

Seattle's Mariners Chris Ray teamed up with Fremont Brewing to brew beer aged with bats donated by Louisville Slugger and with the goal of raising money for Operation Homefront.

Why hasn't ESPN picked up this story?

Tough to describe the awesomeness of an IPA soaked in maple baseball bats.

Burnt citrus with an almond finish. 6.25%.

Solid beer for an equally solid cause.  Stock up on these bottles while you can.


In the Garden....



McGwire thrown under the bus, yet again. Jeff Bagwell not in on his first go.  MLB and the BBWAA suck.

                               Forearm curls please Crom.

Howe Sound Brewing Company - Three Beavers Imperial Red Ale

My first ever beer from our friendly neighbors to the north:  Howe Sound Inn & Brewing Company

Pumpkineater is my number one beer to try this coming fall and hopefully I see more their beers around these parts.

Plumped floral aromas spiced with heaps of pepper coated candies.  Malty sweetness with a touch of tangerine.  Drinks effortlessly. 7.5%.

Pardon the picture, my pupils are dilated.


Salmon + Small Stone, Part II of III

The Glasspack's 2002, Small Stone Recordings release, Powderkeg riding shotgun with blackened salmon.

This requires heavy spice & high heat cooking resulting in citrus haze, disorientation, and removing your smoke detector's battery.

Powderkeg is high octane rock perfect for cast iron exhaust.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company Plant 1 Powerhouse IPA is a peppery orange tang and lemon bread sweetness.  Named for the world's first completely underground power plant.  7.5%.

Save Ghostwood from that dastardly Ben Horne.

Salmon + Small Stone, Part I of III

Small Stone Recordings is from Michigan and put out an array of awesome rock releases that go well with beer, summer, and salmon.

First off with a mushroom, cheddar, salmon omelette is Valis's Dark Matter.

Sounds like the bass player from one of the late 80's / early 90's best bands took a time machine back to the 70's and ate an omelette with those funny mushrooms.

Odin Brewing Company, like Valis, is from the fine state of WA.

A junipeppery red ale with a caramelized honey and nutty roast finish.  5.4%.

'New' Screaming Trees out on Aug. 2nd?


Black Butte XXIII - Deschutes Brewery (2011)

Oregon's Deschutes has teamed up with local chocolatier, Theo Chocolate, to bring a confectious and Fremonsterous treat.

Buttery bourbon, tempered cocoa, and charcoal candy.  Rum rye astringency with smoked vanilla tang.  Smoldering tart and syrup scorched finish. Let it warm and ride the imperialistic imbalance.  10.8%.

Ignored the best after dating of 06/15/12.



Peter Atwood makes awesome tools equal parts artisan, indestructible, and functional. 

This 35ml shot cannon is turned from a solid bar of 303 stainless steel.  I'm clueless on the process but it's quite an amazing piece.

Celestial Norseman forge these for galactic single malts.


Sourvein - Black Fangs (2011)

For an afternoon descent into scotch, malfeasance, and BBQ. 

Plank walking and noose unravelling riffs with abdomen cudgelling drums and gangrenous flayed vocals.

Prior to anxiousness and dementia the enhanced interrogation of eardrums occurred at maximum volume.

SERE needs to make Sourvein part of their training.

1. Fangs
2. Societys Blood
3. Night Eyes
4. Gasp
5. Holy Transfusion
6. Flux
7. Nomadic
8. Gemini
9. Bleeding Charm
10. Nocturnal/Negative Phaze



Evolutionary IPA - Two Beers Brewing Co.

Seattle's Two Beers is WA's first brewery to use 12 oz cans.

Pleasant pine with chunks of zesty peached and peppered citrus. Clean, refreshing, & bittered with coats of creamed grapefruit.  6.2%.

Crushed cans make great street hockey pucks.

LentilBlackBeanMushroomShrimp Tacos

Lentils, Cheapness, Black Beans, Mushrooms, Shrimp, Minimalism, Green Peppers, Red Onions, Avocado, Tomato, in Blue Corn Shells.


Twilight Summer Ale - Deschutes Brewery

Cut grass twisted with pear and baked honey biscuit.

Lemon wheat with buttered apple and toasted pine rind.  5%. 

Torche + Twilight (- Em).

Rum, White, and Blue

                Bourbon(d) Ribs and Yukon Gold Potato Salad

Capping off a gentlemanly vacation, with a beautiful lady, by engaging in culinary debauchery & WATERLATERN carving.

Jump off a silo on the 4th of July.


Yob @ El Corazón - 07/01/11

                                 See this band live, now.

Possible set list: Grasping Air, The Great Cessation, Prepare the Ground, Quantum Mystic, Ball of Molten Lead, or maybe Kosmos?