A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Snail

Lagunitas brews beers that are hazed and hopped.

Chambered spiced apricots.  Missiled citrus, torpedoed tangerine, and balsamic banana bombs.

Muzzled honey with a cannoned candy finish. 7.5%.

Snail's Blood is a riff DeLorean that will bring yours ears and mind back to the future of 90's Seattle.

When gas was under a buck, Congress and nosy sports writers hadn't ruined baseball yet, and William Pickard was tabbing third eye soundtracks.

1. Mental Models
2. Sleep
3. Underwater
4. Committed
5. Via/Penny Dreadful
6. Relief
7. Blood
8. Cleanliness
9. Screen
10. Not for Me
11. Blacklight

"Blurring vision is replaced by distinct rocking and tilting sensation.  I don't seem to be tilting but the room is, side to side." - The Tingler


June Doom

The best establishment to kick off a long vacation with the little lady is Brouwer's.

Delightful and bountiful.

We also gave the Burgundian, a whirl. It has the ingenious idea of serving the best meal of the day,all day long.

Olde Bluehair vs. Adam.
I'm not an advocate of televisions in bars but Kids in the Hall on loop could work while imbibing in beercentric abodes.

There were only two places anyone in Seattle needed to be on June 9, 2012.

The first was last call at Fremont Brewing.

The second was at Studio Seven for The Gates of Slumber, Hailhornet, and Church of Misery.

The multi group encore of Saint Vitus's War is our Destiny ruled.

My initial impression of Brad's Swingside Cafe was insincerity coupled with mulishness (Possibly, the most negative thing I've written on here).

However, despite even that, the restaurant vibe and the food/wine were amazing.

I'll be back even if they tried to ban me.

                   Winding out a long weekend at Chinook Pass.