A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Snail

Lagunitas brews beers that are hazed and hopped.

Chambered spiced apricots.  Missiled citrus, torpedoed tangerine, and balsamic banana bombs.

Muzzled honey with a cannoned candy finish. 7.5%.

Snail's Blood is a riff DeLorean that will bring yours ears and mind back to the future of 90's Seattle.

When gas was under a buck, Congress and nosy sports writers hadn't ruined baseball yet, and William Pickard was tabbing third eye soundtracks.

1. Mental Models
2. Sleep
3. Underwater
4. Committed
5. Via/Penny Dreadful
6. Relief
7. Blood
8. Cleanliness
9. Screen
10. Not for Me
11. Blacklight

"Blurring vision is replaced by distinct rocking and tilting sensation.  I don't seem to be tilting but the room is, side to side." - The Tingler