Lentil and Halibut Spring Rolls

Lentils, soy halibut, pickled peppers, tomato, cilantro, & e.c. salad.


Reno, NV

What happens in Reno...?

Aside from the terribly dry air I'm sure it's a fine place if I wasn't beholden to work and knew how to ski.

Great Basin Brewery's Cerveza Chilibeso and Risky Biscuit Barley Wine were excellent.

Eleventh Commandment - Support local craft beer.


Sierra Nevada - Hoptimum

I was reluctant of Sierra Nevada after reading of their opposition to CA's Prop. 19.  Thankfully, not everything on the internet is true.

Zesty booze and medicinal raveled hops liqueur.

A pine cone fight in the mouth before wrapping the tongue in panicles and being sealed in a thymol and lemon brine. 10.4%.

The only vote to cast is with your dollar.


Green Sauced

Tomatillos, shallots, avocado, cilantro, lime, jalapeƱo, green pepper, one splash cucumber & shallot vinaigrette, and 2 splashes Stone Brewing Co. IPA.

                      These are a few of my favorite greens

Happy Valentine's Dayze


Super Bore Sunday

So the Super Bowl is in Dallas, TX and Tim Brown was not a H.O.F. inductee?

However, a day spirited by debauchery always garners my support.

Slow roasted molasses charred pork & mushroom burritos with onion, garlic, jalapeno, and lime drenched guacamole.  Growler of Fremont Brewing's, deliciously creamed cocoa and crackling smoked hazelnut, MoPorter.

U.S. Christmas from historic & notorious Marion, NC deliver an hour plus of tunes to unwind your head and knot your perception.

Zone out into the space layered abyss of the whale belly.

1. In The Night
2. Wolf On Anareta
3. Fire Is Sleeping
4. Fonta Flora
5. Ephraim In The Stars
6. The Leonids
7. Suzerain
8. Maran
9. The Quena
10. Deep Green
11. Devil’s Flower In Mother Winter
12. Mirror Glass
13. The Moon In Flesh And Bone