Organic Pale Ale - Laurelwood Public House & Brewery

Laurelwood Brewing Company is Portland's 1st certified organic brewery.

Creamed Flowered hops with lightened grapefruit and honey shine. 5.1%.

You know who could use a bunch of beer? Sheriff Joe.


Happy National Knife Day

                                     Victorinox - Cadet


It's That Time of Year, Finally

The best time of year is upon us and the only way to kick it off properly is with the first of many Elysian Night Owl's.

Pumpkin pie with a burnt nutmeg crust.  Creamy ginger with a cinnamon coated hops finish.  5.9%.

Goatwhore from the second best gulf coast state, Louisiana, has Sammy from Acid Bath.

Their debut is a great start to the millennium with riffs by one of the best guitarists ever and vocals by one of the most underrated.

The clock is ticking, it's almost time.  1,698 hrs until Halloween.

Invert the Feline.

 RIP Nikon Camera From 2007.  Welcome New Fuji.


Theobroma - Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (2011)

First tried this beer, in a foggy 12/26/10 celebration, courtesy of Matt.

Musky caramel with smoked vanilla honey.  Halloween-esque candy chilie corn & subtle earthy spice.  Fire roasted cocoa pods. 9%.

I can't appreciate molecular archeology.


Salmon + Small Stone, Part III of III

Lo Pan's, 2011, Salvador feels like riding shotgun in a Trans Am while doing doughnuts in a Stop-N-Go parking lot during a head knotted summer night.

Catchy, billowing, vaporous vocals & riffs.  Breaks 6.9 on the Richter Scales.

Mustard seed coated salmon baked and pan seared with asparagus, tomato, olive oil, and IPA with a side of cajun buttered corn.

Avery Brewing Company is one of my top non-WA breweries.

Their IPA is layered with citrus coated vanilla.  Juicy fruits punch your mouth and warm into buttery caramel. 6.5%.

It's all in the reflexes.