Latona Lager - Fremont Brewing Company

This accord with Latona Pub is one of my favorite Fremont beers to date.  Pretty cool they choose this style in such ale filled lands.

Hay blond with a 'helles' spark.  Toasted with a some sweet aromas.  Crisp and slightly floral.  Finespun flavors with a whole grain and dry buttered grass finish.

The brewers sum it up themselves with "a postcard from the sun that reads: Welcome to summer. Chill, baby-bird."

The Dax Riggs countdown is now under ten days.

Aquilonian & Sollubii - Split (2010)

Aquilonian consist of members of one of my favorite riff loading bands Bongzilla

Conan-ic groove is still there but they strip away the slime, keep the green, and replace retching bourbon with crispy gin.

Just over 30 minutes of trance induced riffing. Hazed vocals float up from the rubble just to pull you through a time warp.

Gears are switched and churned down with the second 35+ minute track from Sollubi with lyrics like "smoke drugs, buy guns."

Torquing out bubbling grease and rumbling sonic misanthropy laced with space debris this tune is first in line for a Puritan style burning.

Two of the best songs of the year from Canada's Choking Hazard Records.

1. Symphonica de Levita
2. The Struggle

Pet cats, scoop litter.


BridgePort Brewing Company - Stumptown Tart

Portland's Bridgeport Brewing used over two thousand pounds of raspberries from Willamette Valley Fruit Company for this beer.

Melon orange with slight rose tint.  Tingling and pulsating the air with spicy grape.

Flinty fresh raspberry and fervid green apple spark the tongue.  Tickled palate arousal. When it warms creamed clove and soft pear quench.  A framboise seduces a tripel. 7.7%.

I was trying my hand at a Coco-de-Mer inspired review.


Karma to Burn - Appalachian Incantation (2010)

From the ashes of hiatus comes the fourth studio release from West Virginia instrumentalists Karma to Burn.

Tumbling, motoring riffs that could accompany the pinnacle of high speed boat pursuits right off a flat earth.  Rhythmic exhaust with enough bass to put a black bear back into hibernation.

Delectable hooking riffs that will reel in the attention plagued before searing their brains in apple butter with a side of squirrel.

I won't use the "r" word again though they have enough of them to justify it.  Bonus disc includes unreleased material and one of the best songs of the year with John Garcia on vocals.

1. Fourty-Four
2. Fourty-Two
3. Fourty-One
4. Fourty-Six
5. Waiting on the Western World
6. Fourty-Three
7. Fourty-Five
8. Twenty-Four

Cat Got Our Tongue
1. Two Times
2. Fourteen
3. Ten
4. Thirteen
5. Six
6. Twenty
7. Thirty

Mark McGwire was # 25 and Dominique Wilkins was #21.


Full Sail Brewing Company - Old Boardhead Barleywine Ale (2009)

Full Sail Brewing Co. has deliciously affordable brews.

Cherry melon candies glossed over with cider, pine, and cinnamon pudding.

Relatively light but still with zesty fresh tartness and a hint of butterscotch.  Chips of raisin and rind of grapefruit to assist in a dry finish. 9%.


Los Natas - Nuevo Orden De La Libertad (2009)

10th (or 5th) full length from Argentina's Los Natas.

You'll think you were stuck with an undiscovered hallucinatory cactus quill from below the equator as Los Natas go between venomous grooved riffing and eerily swirling serenity.

When the cohesive trifecta go frantic the bodies temperature rises above 40° C and auditory delirium sets in.

Vocals resonate booze and psychedelia.  I don't speak Spanish but I imagine the lyrics are of astral desert revolution. 

1. Las campanadas
2. El nuevo orden...
3. Resistiendo dolor
4. Hombre de Metal
5. Ganar perder
6. El pastizal
7. David & Goliath
8. Bienvenidos
9. 10.000
10. Dos Horses

Tierra del Fuego sounds cool.

Neighbor Lurker


Happy 4th of July

No better place to engage in revelry prior to the launching of obstreperous colored incendiary devices than Fremont Brewing.

                   Liberty Lager vs. Lenin's Bolshevik Barleywine

The day of what would have been my Veteran Grandfather's 100th B-day and week of Veteran Dad's 70th b-day.