Karma to Burn - Appalachian Incantation (2010)

From the ashes of hiatus comes the fourth studio release from West Virginia instrumentalists Karma to Burn.

Tumbling, motoring riffs that could accompany the pinnacle of high speed boat pursuits right off a flat earth.  Rhythmic exhaust with enough bass to put a black bear back into hibernation.

Delectable hooking riffs that will reel in the attention plagued before searing their brains in apple butter with a side of squirrel.

I won't use the "r" word again though they have enough of them to justify it.  Bonus disc includes unreleased material and one of the best songs of the year with John Garcia on vocals.

1. Fourty-Four
2. Fourty-Two
3. Fourty-One
4. Fourty-Six
5. Waiting on the Western World
6. Fourty-Three
7. Fourty-Five
8. Twenty-Four

Cat Got Our Tongue
1. Two Times
2. Fourteen
3. Ten
4. Thirteen
5. Six
6. Twenty
7. Thirty

Mark McGwire was # 25 and Dominique Wilkins was #21.