Point Defiance IPA - Harmon Brewery + Brant Bjork - Gods & Goddesses (2010)

Harmon has been serving Tacoma, WA since 1997.   Concentrated floral aromas morph into lemon as it warms.  Fresh and mellowing creamy grapefruit rind tang.  Juicy apricot with a pepper dry finish. 5.8%.

Brant Bjork, former drummer for the one band I found out about way to late, with his 9th release.  'Don't judge a book by its cover' but here that adage goes out the window since the album is that cool. 

Fuzzy far out 70's tone with both funky and gritty riffs on their own peyote trip.  Retro cactus groove that will have you shaking the sand and smoke from your head.  Put this on repeat at a party and everyone ends up laid.

1. Dirty Bird
2. The Future Rock (We Got It)
3. Radio Mecca
4. Little World
5. Blowin' Up Shop
6. Good Time Bonnie
7. Porto
8. Somewhere Some Woman

Something good will come of all things yet - Kerouac


Dennis Hopper (05/17/36 - 05/29/10)

        The Guy's A Little Bit Wasted But He Knows What He's Doing

Hop In The Dark Cascadian Dark Ale - Deschutes Brewery

Pours ominous and leaving coats of beige lace around the glass.  Aromas of roasted citrus resin finished in light cocoa.

Mad science combines test tubes of pined mint with nutty trail mix.  Toasted hops with a dash of demerara. 6.5%.

I've opened your eyes, you're now color blind - David Brent



Imperial Cherry Saison - Southern Tier Brewing Company

I haven't had a conventional tasting beer from New York based Southern Tier.

Pours olive oil gold with hues of mandarin.  Aromas of wheaty berries spiced and spiked pineapple juice.

Positively cloying and funky cherry wine sprinkled with ginger. A dry sipper that gets smoother as it warms. 8.0%.

Balance is the enemy of art.


Summer Beer - Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company

Pours a lucent lemon hue.  Light honey pear with mild earthy aromas.

Saaz hops keep this crispy and spiced without being bitter.  A dash of sweetness with a revitalizing finish.  Sumerians could have used this 6000 years ago.  5.6%.

Ride the tiger.

Ronnie James Dio (07/10/42 - 05/16/10)




Ufomammut - Eve (2010)

5th full length from Italy's Ufomammut.  1 song / 5 parts / 44 minutes.

Distressed metal for the hazy journey to the earth's core or through celestial oblivion.

Geologists & observatories should monitor this band's riffs.

Synth layered atmosphere resembling a space launch from ignition to explosion.  Rocket boosters spew hemp smoke for a doomed & ascent. Minimal oxygen as the droning deprivation continues.

What's our vector, Victor?


Immort Ale - Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Dogfish Head have been brewing this beer for fifteen years.

Pours bloodshot mahogany with burgundy tracings. Aromas of dark berries and spiced vanilla with a splash of syrupy sherbet. 

Tastes equally sweet and smokey. Gin drenched raisins roasted over a maple wood fire.  11%.

Beer Beer!


Cyclops Barleywine - Elysian Brewing Company

Vierte una tonalidad anaranjada rústica espesada. Los aromas del caramelo cremoso cubrieron sobre el caramelo de la cereza del regaliz.

Vino rojo condimentado con las pasas y las voces bajas azucaradas de la vainilla. El final amargo de la fruta cítrica salta adentro hacia el extremo. 9.85%.

Online Translators Rule:

It spills a thickened rustic orange tonality. The aromas of the creamy caramel covered on the caramel of the cherry of liquorice. Seasoned red wine with you pass and low the voices sweetened of vanilla. The bitter end of the citric fruit jumps inside towards the end. 9,85%.



                         Lone Survivor of La Puente Massacre

Supergoose DIPA vs. Seattle Beer Week 2010 DIPA - Hale's Ales Brewery

                            Forget Mayweather vs. Mosley.

Round 1: ABV
SG: 7.1%
SBW: 8.3%
10-9, SBW

SG:  Dense polished sienna with draped lacing.
SBW:  Crispy pumpkin with amber hues.
10-9, Supergoose

Round 3: AROMA
SG:  Syrupy citrus and mango aromas.
SBW: Very layered with pulpy pineapple and sugar coated cherry.
10-8, SBW

Round 4: TASTE
SG:  Puckering and prickled grapefruit with a coniferous hops finish.
SBW: Sticky caramel & floral sweetness sharpened with lemony flavor.
10-9, Supergoose

DECISION : Supergoose
SBW is nicely balanced but SG falls into my interpretation of a DIPA.

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Samson Nap

Interurban IPA - Fremont Brewing Company

Named after the 'Waking for Interurban" statue in Fremont.

Glowing Herculean smoked orange.  You could solidify it and forge it down into gold for legal tender.  Plump pine resin with tangerine.

Grapefruit and peppered lemon nectar. Floral, grassy, and softened with crispy pale malts. 6.5%.

Stranger to Reason.

Floor - Below & Beyond (2010)

8 CD's with roughly 100 tracks including a 32 page color booklet documenting everything one should know about Floor.

5x as many sweetened riffs as Baskin-Robbins has flavors.  Coated in molten caramel fossilized sprinkles.

Dinosaurian rumbling and viscous guitars down tuned to the point the strings are walloping against the 'floor'.  Early gnarled vocals fit just as well as the later melodic ones.

Heavier than....