Supergoose DIPA vs. Seattle Beer Week 2010 DIPA - Hale's Ales Brewery

                            Forget Mayweather vs. Mosley.

Round 1: ABV
SG: 7.1%
SBW: 8.3%
10-9, SBW

SG:  Dense polished sienna with draped lacing.
SBW:  Crispy pumpkin with amber hues.
10-9, Supergoose

Round 3: AROMA
SG:  Syrupy citrus and mango aromas.
SBW: Very layered with pulpy pineapple and sugar coated cherry.
10-8, SBW

Round 4: TASTE
SG:  Puckering and prickled grapefruit with a coniferous hops finish.
SBW: Sticky caramel & floral sweetness sharpened with lemony flavor.
10-9, Supergoose

DECISION : Supergoose
SBW is nicely balanced but SG falls into my interpretation of a DIPA.

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