Simple Halibut

Purr Monster

Buck 525

         Slim, sharp, locking.  Everyone should have a pocket knife.



The only time I went to San Diego's Stone Brewing I ordered an iced tea. 

Burnt molasses, roasted figs, layered smoke.

Velvet toffee with a pineappled fudge. Creamed cocoa and grapefruit laced leather. 10.5%.

Japan's Church of Misery have been swinging from the banister with voracious 70's inspired riffing for a decade plus.  

Their running theme may rightfully offend most people but still a must for fans of any combination of the following:  muscle cars, beer, Halloween, firearms, colored lights, true crime, carnivals, ear ringing, breathing.

2012 Tour:
5/24 AS220, Providence RI
5/25 Cameo, Brooklyn NY
5/26 North Star, Philadelphia PA
5/27 Maryland Deathfest @ Sonar, Baltimore MD
5/28 Soapbox, Wilmington NC
5/29 Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte NC
5/30 The Earl, Atlanta GA
5/31 Siberia, New Orleans LA
6/1 Chaos in Tejas @ Red 7, Austin TX
6/3 Launchpad, Albuquerque NM
6/4 Chasers, Scottsdale AZ
6/5 Satellite, Los Angeles CA
6/6 Elbo Room, San Francisco CA
6/8 Branx, Portland OR
6/9 Studio Seven, Seattle WA

Halibut & Guacamole Corn Tortillas

Halibut brushed in olive oil and baked at 400° for 15 minutes.


Tree Panther

Zodiac's, in Old Towne Orange, CA, titanium bottle opener (& 1911 bushing wrench) will pop caps quicker then you can drink them.