The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The beginning of the best time of year for those of us whose brains are properly hardwired with fibrous strands of pumpkin pulp. 



Shiner Bock - Spoetzl Brewery

Shiner Bock from the Lone Star State.

Grain and sweet corn aromas with caramel underpinnings.  Roasted malt and crisp raisin sugar. Drink these and do dip(s). 4.4%.

Texas Forever.



Dax Riggs second full length under his name and the fifth full length he's been involved with post, the greatest band to grace dimensions, Acid Bath.  Ahead of Weedeater this is my most anticipated album of the year.

1. Say Goodnight To The World:  Showcases that the album is on a syncretic trip different from the previous.  Dizzying apocalyptic gloom rock with truthful apostasy.

2. I Hear Satan:  A spooky ethereal summons in pure Dax fashion. Reminds me of High Monster.  Looking forward to seeing this tune live.  

3. You Were Born To Be My Gallows:  A soporific sex-death-bed eulogy.  This delicate bluesy curveball bottoms out and sold me on the direction of this album.  Plucking guitar, a tambourine, and vaporous vocals.

4. Gravedirt On My Blue Suede Shoe:  To keep things honest this is my least favorite song.

5. Like Moonlight:  Celestial, eerie, and cut straight from a David Lynch soundtrack. Fortune tellers could use this right before they flip the thirteenth card of the Major Arcana. 

6. No One Will Be A Stranger:  An electric cosmic hymn with lyrics that would make Poe envious.

7. Heartbreak Hotel:  Dax has performed numerous covers over the years with my favorites being Leonard Cohen's "Night Comes On" and Buddy Holly's "Everyday."  A droning-tribal-doom laced homage to the King. 

8. Sleeping With The Witch:  My favorite tune on the album.  Soaring straight downwards this song sounds like a demo ripped from a parallel universe circa the Agents of Oblivion era.

             Tour Dates 2010
9. Let Me Be Your Cigarette:  Don't be fooled by the title as has some of the best Dax lyrics to date.   Pop sounding riff brought down a few notches to accompany his trademark howl.

10. See You All In Hell Or New Orleans:  Wrapping up the album is a 60's inspired psalm. Had the Doors been drowned in a lysergic swamp they still couldn't trip out like this.

A collective meant to be heard in(toxicated) entirety.

Coco de Mer & Proposition 8

   I'm anti-politics but support, the best store ever, Coco de Mer 100%