Point Defiance IPA - Harmon Brewery + Brant Bjork - Gods & Goddesses (2010)

Harmon has been serving Tacoma, WA since 1997.   Concentrated floral aromas morph into lemon as it warms.  Fresh and mellowing creamy grapefruit rind tang.  Juicy apricot with a pepper dry finish. 5.8%.

Brant Bjork, former drummer for the one band I found out about way to late, with his 9th release.  'Don't judge a book by its cover' but here that adage goes out the window since the album is that cool. 

Fuzzy far out 70's tone with both funky and gritty riffs on their own peyote trip.  Retro cactus groove that will have you shaking the sand and smoke from your head.  Put this on repeat at a party and everyone ends up laid.

1. Dirty Bird
2. The Future Rock (We Got It)
3. Radio Mecca
4. Little World
5. Blowin' Up Shop
6. Good Time Bonnie
7. Porto
8. Somewhere Some Woman

Something good will come of all things yet - Kerouac