Los Natas - Nuevo Orden De La Libertad (2009)

10th (or 5th) full length from Argentina's Los Natas.

You'll think you were stuck with an undiscovered hallucinatory cactus quill from below the equator as Los Natas go between venomous grooved riffing and eerily swirling serenity.

When the cohesive trifecta go frantic the bodies temperature rises above 40° C and auditory delirium sets in.

Vocals resonate booze and psychedelia.  I don't speak Spanish but I imagine the lyrics are of astral desert revolution. 

1. Las campanadas
2. El nuevo orden...
3. Resistiendo dolor
4. Hombre de Metal
5. Ganar perder
6. El pastizal
7. David & Goliath
8. Bienvenidos
9. 10.000
10. Dos Horses

Tierra del Fuego sounds cool.