Aquilonian & Sollubii - Split (2010)

Aquilonian consist of members of one of my favorite riff loading bands Bongzilla

Conan-ic groove is still there but they strip away the slime, keep the green, and replace retching bourbon with crispy gin.

Just over 30 minutes of trance induced riffing. Hazed vocals float up from the rubble just to pull you through a time warp.

Gears are switched and churned down with the second 35+ minute track from Sollubi with lyrics like "smoke drugs, buy guns."

Torquing out bubbling grease and rumbling sonic misanthropy laced with space debris this tune is first in line for a Puritan style burning.

Two of the best songs of the year from Canada's Choking Hazard Records.

1. Symphonica de Levita
2. The Struggle

Pet cats, scoop litter.