The Gates of Slumber - Hymns of Blood and Thunder (2009)

Fourth full length from Indiana's The Gates of Slumber

Equal parts Iron Maiden, Cirith Ungol, and Conan the Barbarian. 

Triumphant tone and trampling riffs perfect for a driving a late 70's Trans Am off a cliff or vanquishing enemies into flames.  Victorious fuzz pours out and answers the riddle of steel.

Plodding retro doom with a slice of folk.  On the nine-toe tour with Weedeater this spring.

1. Chaos Calling
2. Death Dealer
3. Beneath the Eyes of Mars
4. Doom of Aceldama
5. Age of Sorrow
6. Bringer of War
7. Descent into Madness
8. Mist in the Mourning
9. Iron Hammer
10. Blood and Thunder

Perfect for deadlifts or drinking.