Rufus & Chaka - Masterjam (1979) - 99¢ Record #6

Eighth studio album from Chicago's Rufus with Quincy Jones at the controls. 

The cover of this album sums up the foundation for the perfect party: hot pink, pin striped pants, inebriated jogging down a sunny CA street, crimson leisure suit, and a lone strawberry.

Funked out bass lines and catchy disco-lite arrangements that can make even the non-dancers sway.  Carefree and up tempo with some soulful vocals from Chaka Kahn.

1. Do You Love What You Feel
2. Any Love
3. Heaven Bound
4. Walk the Rockway
5. Live in Me
6. Body Heat
7. I'm Dancing for Your Love
8. What Am I Missing?
9. Masterjam

There was a time where the coolest people danced in synch.