The Mechanic (1972)

Charles Bronson is one of the few actors that could pass himself off, effortlessly, as a legitimate underworld character while delivering ruthless mayhem in a likable manner. You won't see him changing oil or aligning tires here but explosions, chases, and double crossings are abound. Bronson plays a stone faced, knife throwing, plane flying, pipe smoking hit man who acts more like a connoisseur of the finer things than a methodical killer.

Flawlessly set against a gritty 70's backdrop and tempoed with an unrelenting score by Jerry Fielding. The opening scene can stand alone as one of the greatest both visually and sonically.
Jan Michael Vincent delivers a notable performance as a rambunctious surfer type eager to unleash his inner psychotic as Bronson's apprentice.

The Mechanic sets its own unapologetic pace with plenty of grime, wreckage, and a Bronson mustache that could turn Hollywood into dust.