OM - God is Good (2009)

Fourth studio album from OM with top notch packaging.

Nineteen minute "Thebes" leads off with droning middle eastern vibes and prayer like singing "Visitant Guides and the Breath Cedes Grant Release. Hayya Ala Salah. From the Minaret See." Once the thunderous trance inducing riff kicks in and "Lebanon Screen - Damascus Road Traveller" echoes out, their trademark atmosphere booms and vibrates.

"Meditation is the Practice of Death" jumps in with a chanting bass, textured drumming, and lyrics you need a Theology degree to decipher. A turn at the end with a mesmerizing flute solo.

"Cremation Ghat I" and "Cremation Ghat II" close the album and are personal highlights. Steady grooves with a tamboura thrown in.

1. Thebes
2. Meditation Is The Practice Of Death
3. Cremation Ghat I
4. Cremation Ghat II

Elixir shots, hookah smoke, and psychedelic carpet rides over the Himalayas.