Robin Trower - In City Dreams (1977) - 99¢ Record #4

Fifth solo album from underrated English guitar legend Robin Trower. The first track and songs like "Falling Star" and "Farther up the Road" spill out impressive bluesy guitar funkiness. The second side continues with spiraling guitar elegance. "Smile" even has a bit of a disco vibe going on. One thing common in each tune is that both guitar and vocals share center stage with surging proficiency and emotion. From dreamy to spectral.

1. Somebody Calling
2. Sweet Wine of Love
3. Bluebird
4. Falling Star
5. Farther on up the Road
6. Smile
7. Little Girl
8. Love's Gonna Bring You Round
9. In City Dreams

I wonder how many kids were conceived because of this album.