Sourvein / Blood Island Raiders - Split 7” (2009)

This offering from Calculon seemed to fly under the radar.

Up first are North Carolina sludge werewolves Sourvein who have a couple full lengths and strings of EP's, splits, and broken beer bottles in their wake. "Black Cloud Revelations" starts out like a slow moving tar covered thunderstorm and maintains sluggish crushing half speed till the bulldozing end. Formidable Sabbath inspired riffs with vocals laced in downers and moonshine. Captures their primal live sound.

Blood Island Raiders, from the other side of the pond, help round out this barbaric split with "The Phobia." They up the tempo with a boozehounding anthem complete with back shattering riffs and a vortex splitting solo. Colossal classic metal influenced vocals. I imagine they tear English pubs to shreds.

1. Black Cloud Revelations
2. The Phobia

Two sides of the same metal coin.