Firestone 13 - Firestone Walker Brewing Co. (American Strong Ale 2009)

Dark caramel brown body with burgundy highlights. Head crimson spiked beige. Lacing melts around the glass.

Warming bourbon with wood smoked Belgian chocolate, banana, and black licorice.  Berries and vanilla soaked oak.

Coffee, raisins, caramelized toffee. Roasted figs and brandy. Bourbon is present and intertwines with ashy maple, molasses drenched coconut, and oat soaked port wine. 12%.

“Barley wines, imperial stouts, and an imperial brown are just a few of the beers making up the final blend. Many of the component beers have spent over 2 years aging in a combination of retired bourbon, rye, and wine barrels.”

Expensive beers are not metal.