Brother Dege - Folk Songs of the American Longhair (2010)

Dege Legg, from Louisiana, comes armed with a dobro and echoing voice.

Ten masterful tunes spiced in Cajun delta blues and steeped in bubbling bayou mushroom tea.

Recorded in a shed in Southern Louisiana these sonic vignettes are equal parts foreboding, mysterious, and inspiring. Tunes for the weary eyed freight train hopper or the soundtrack for a rustic Americana slideshow.

Up tempo Gulf coast pyschedelia that even at its bleakest will have your feet tapping. Enough good things can't be said about this album.

1. Hard Row to Hoe
2. The Girl Who Wept Stones
3. Too Old to Die Young
4. To Fill a Hole
5. House of the Dying Sun
6. The Battle of New Orleans
7. Dead & Gone
8. The World's Longest Hotdog
9. Old Angel Midnight
10. Black is the Night

Burnt out in Free Town.