Hail!Hornet - Hail!Hornet (2007)

Consisting of members of more than half a dozen bands from south of the Mason-Dixon and in the foxholes of underground touring.

They call it 'grime metal' which explains why each song peels off humid corn whiskey, cold medicine spiked buttermilk, and bacon grease scraped from a copper pot with a sickle.

A southern style buffet of pan seared riffs varying in tempo but maintaining a breaded and stewed blues that boil at hellfire temperature.

Vocals retching up pecan shells, chilies, and okra. 

1. Believe in Black
2. Golden Whore
3. Drunk Tank
4. Foxy F*ck/No Solution
5. Devil's Hound
6. Nerves
7. He Who Walks Behind the Rose Bros.
8. Concussion Conspiracy
9. Life's Riddle
10. Swarm of Malice

Chock full of true grits.