High on Fire - Snakes for the Divine (2010)

Fifth studio album from Oakland's High on Fire.

Matt Pike has been dishing out Hessian riffs, like Genghis Khan administered invasions, for two decades.

Tribal drums and monstrous bass detonations compliment the shrapnel crunch and harpooning solos. The album fits in somewhere between their earliest work and their last release with the right amount of thundering noxiousness.

Vocals remind me of an astronaut Lemmy gargling hot tar and Jameson. 

1. Snakes For The Divine
2. Frost Hammer
3. Bastard Samurai
4. Ghost Neck
5. The Path
6. Fire Flood & Plague
7. How Dark We Pray
8. Holy Flames Of The Firespitter

Bonus tracks which, unfortunately, were not on my copy.
9. Mystery Of Helm
10. Eyes And Teeth (live)
11. Cometh Down Hessian (live)

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