Hooded Menace / Anima Morte - Split 7" (2010)

Doomentia Records release featuring instrumental offerings from Finland's Hooded Menace and Sweden's Anima Morte.

Each band, from a different spectrum, churning out a cover from the other in an homage to vintage horror movie scores. 

HM start off with a lumbering, distorted, and sinister groove. These Knights of the East bring a monolithic and mummified tone that crawls from the dusty crypt. Retro and atmospheric.

The AM track could have literally been pulled from any 70's Italian horror film.  Foggy and progressive but with a surprisingly tranquil aesthetic. 

Lovecraftian keyboard and prowling organ. 

Perfectly creepy artwork for a very accessible record.

1. A Decay Of Mind And Flesh (Anima Morte cover by HM)
2. Grasp Of The Beastwoman (Hooded Menace cover by AM)

If I had to relive one day a la Groundhog Day it would be Halloween.