Wino - Punctuated Equilibrium (2009)

First solo album from Scott Weinrich and one of the best albums of '09.

If there was such a thing as Nordic pterodactyls on Harley-Davidson's traveling through time and decimating taverns this would be their soundtrack.

Grooving intrepid riffs with sides of frenetic smoked solos built on walls of fuzz, propellant percussion, and a voice meant to pummel soul into your ears.

1. Release Me
2. Punctuated Equilibrium
3. The Woman In The Orange Pants
4. Smilin' Road
5. Eyes of the Flesh
6. Wild Blue Yonder
7. Secret Realm Devotion
8. Water Crane
9. Gods, Frauds, Neo-Cons and Demagogues
10. Silver Lining

Bonus 10"
1. Chest Fever
2. Der Gift (The Poison)
3. The Comet and the Moon
4. On the (Sacrificial) Lam

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