Alaskan Brewing - Double Black IPA (2010) + Sounds to Make You Shiver (1974)

Alaskan Brewing Company is out of Juneau, AK.

Oily smooth chocolate roasted pine and berry aromas rise up from perched russet hued foam.  Chocolate spiced coffee with honey glaze and a subtle hop tang. 8.5%.

Sounds to Make You Shiver is a fun LP with creepily layered and eerily evocative haunted house effects on side one and an auditory delicatessen of the macabre on the other.

With 42 days to go the mood is gearing up.

1. A Night in a Haunted House
2. Witch Laugh
3. Count Dracula and His Victim
4. Screams & Groans
5. Moans & Groans
6. Cats
7. Dogs
8. Banging Shutter
9. Phantom Piano
10. Creaky Door & Breaking Windows
11. Thunder & Wind
12. Frankenstein's Monster Breaks Loose
13. Hooting Owl

Cable television is upchuckerous.