Spook Stuff for Hallowe'en (1960) - 99¢ Record #9

More 33 1/2 RPM sound effects for the season.

Can't fail with descriptions like "Witches and goblins take off for Halloween shenanigans on the moon" and "A cowboy escaping from a prairie fire on a stormy Halloween night."

1. Prologue - Witches Rehearse for Halloween
2. 18 Spooky Sound Effects for Your Ghost Stories
3. The Haunted Mine
4. A Deserted Prairie Ranch
5. A Cemetery at Midnight
6. Halloween at the Haunted Castle
7. Spooky Zoo Party
8. Hobgoblins and Spaceships
9. Hey Diddle Diddle Spook Stuff

Halloween, where the weirdest wildest sites are seen - Oscar Brand