Acid Witch - Rabid Werewitch
Black Tusk - Witch's Spell
Bolt Thrower - Plague Bearer
Church of Misery - Where Evil Dwells
Destroyer 666 - Witch Hunter
Dishammer - Werewolves on Wheels
Drudkh - Glare of Autumn
Electric Wizard - We, the Undead
Eternal Elysium - Rest In Peace
Gates of Slumber - Feast of the Dead
Heathen - Goblin's Blade
High on Fire - Speedwolf
Kilara - Succubus
Melvins - At The Stake
Municipal Waste - The Thing
Orange Goblin - We Bite
Overkill - Raise The Dead
Portal - Omnipotent Crawling Chaos
Pungent Stench - Viva La Muerte
Ravens Creed - Bloodbath
Saint Vitus - Zombie Hunger
Samhain - Halloween II
Sourvein - Septic Werewolves
Villains - Headless Excruciator

Apple Snails - Iron Teeth Torture
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Neon Syrup for the Cemetery Sisters
Bozo Cyclops - Memphis Cadaver
Brother Dege - Mexico
Dax Riggs - Blood Music
Dead Man - Season of the Dead
Frank Sinatra - Autumn in New York
Grails - Reincarnation Blues
M. Ward - Undertaker
Mark Lanegan - Carnival
Nick Drake - Harvest Breed
Pentagram - When The Screams Come
Tom Waits - Cemetery Polka
William Elliott Whitmore - Rest His Soul
Witchcraft - Wooden Cross (I Can't Wake The Dead)

Being undead will be the death of me - BC