They're Coming to Get You

Refusing to admit Halloween is over.

Midnight Sun is Anchorage's aptly named brewery and their imperial chocolate pumpkin porter, TREAT, is just that.

Aromas of cloven swirled vanilla and savory oiled smoked cocoa.

Roasted oak coated pumpkin crust with cracked cinnamon & spiced nutmeg spine. 7.8%.

Acid Witch boil an auditory potion in Samhain spirit with their second full length, Stoned.

Macabre and ominous pacing like fuzzy classic rock screwed out with sinister psychedelia, Halloween III, cornfield mazes, and drunken horror party accidents.

Complete with the coolest throwback Beistle inspired die cut decoration.

1. Satanic Faith
2. Witchfynder Finder
3. Trick or Treat
4. Thundering Hooves
5. Live Forever
6. Whispers in the Dark
7. If Hell Exists
8. Stoned to the Grave
9. Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown
10. Sabbath of the Undead