Pumpkin Festivus

An epic holiday season filled with family, friends, and finer things is replaying, like The Christmas Story on TBS, in some hazy parallel universe.

After stock piling pumpkin beers the first annual Eve of Christmas Eve pumpkin beer gathering was held.  Kick, Stingy Jack, Heavenly Pumpkin, Pumpkinator, Pumking, Oak Jacked, Dark 'o the Moon, Post Road Pumpkin, TREAT, and Pumpkin Cider were the conspirators.

Bourbon Abominable from Fremont Brewery was a well received accomplice.

My personal highlights were the homemade pumpkin beer bread and the homemade IPA contributed by two gentlemen.

A fine way to introduce the dreadful (hair, not attitude) little lady to the Lone Star State.  Next year is more pumpkin and multiple bourbon barrel aged beers.