The Abyss - Deschutes Brewery (2008 Imperial Stout )

Pours like motor oil and tar with blackened chestnut coffee highlights. Perfectly formed powdered chocolate brown head. Blackened and blasphemous.

Dark fruits swirled with vanilla and coconut.  Roasted chocolate, ginger, and slight pine hops. Brown sugar and oaked grapefruit with sweetened cherry candies. Caramel tempered bourbon soaked orange peels.

Coffee and chocolate with a whisky undertone. Plums wrapped in caramel richness and bowed with vanilla. Toffee coated sweetness balanced against sharp fruit tartness. Red wine and cherries with baked fudge. Black licorice and bourbon finish. 11%.

Festive and maniacal like the 1974 movie Black Christmas. Don't go in the attic unless you're ready to be wrapped in plastic or aged in an oak barrel.