Pliny The Younger - Russian River Brewing Company (2009 Imperial IPA)

Poured into a snifter at the Bottleworks Grand Re-Opening on 05/15/09.

Golden orange with burnt lemon and butterscotch hues. Hazy and light copper rich tones. Pearl white head that fluffed up like thousands of minuscule marshmallows.  Sticky crystallized lacing.

Coats the air with honey seared grapefruits and flowery resined hops. Orchestra of melting spruce and fresh pine needles. Tangerines soaked in lemon juice. Smells like they corked a pine tree and drained out all of the sap while blowing it full of smoked toffee and citrus.

Hits like an axe blade glazed in hops. Clean, fresh, and crisp. Pineapple juice tang. Orange rind cut with vanilla and banana. Subtle spiciness emerges from the cacophony of hops. 10%.