Johnny Hodges with Lawrence Welk's Orchestra (1965) - 99¢ Record #1

Admittedly I know nothing about jazz or the various sub-genres. I picked this record up for .99 cents. The goal is to listen and review one .99 cent record a week. I will also do some basic research about the album so I can learn something new along the way.

Johnny Hodges was a self taught alto saxophonist that played with Duke Ellington while Lawrence Welk was a musician and radio / television star from the mid 20th century. This is by all accounts a molding of two talented, yet stylistically different, individuals. Essentially, a crossover recording. The orchestra is a rich-full backdrop with a vibrant Hodges in the forefront. Everything blends together nicely in warm instrumental bliss. There are some soft champagne drinking tunes with the last couple bringing the foot to a tap. I've listened to this record quite a few times in a row and have yet to get tired of it. Some of the highlights include “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “Stardust.” And of course a pleasant surprise, that I was unaware of until the song came on, “Blue Velvet.”

1. Someone to Watch over Me
2. Misty
3. Fantastic, That's You
4. Stardust
5. I Can't Get Started
6. Haunting Melody
7. When My Baby Smiles at Me
8. Blue Velvet
9. Sophisticated Lady
10. Canadian Sunset
11. In a Sentimental Mood
12. I'm Beginning to See the Light