Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware (2009)

Will Oldham's seventh studio album under Bonnie "Prince" Billy. This album includes about a dozen contributing artists playing, softly and harmoniously, everything from the banjo to the mandolin. All songs have a full lush sound with several having ascending female backing. The offerings conjure up images of old broken glass Coke bottles, dilapidated barns, pastoral fields, and porch swings. Rustic mellow folk. When the mood and twang kick in the authentic feel resonates. Modern music rooted in Americana and insightful inspired lyrics.

1. Beware Your Only Friend
2. You Can't Hurt Me Now
3. My Life's Work
4. Death Final
5. Heart's Arms
6. You Don't Love Me
7. You Are Lost
8. I Won't Ask Again
9. I Don't Belong To Anyone
10. There Is Something I Have To Say
11. I Am Goodbye
12. Without Work, You Have Nothing
13. Afraid Ain't Me

Haunting (in an empty church way not a Deliverance way).