Consecration - Russian River Brewing Company (2009 American Wild Ale)

Scorched mahogany with iced scarlet tinting. Bronzed amaranth highlighting. Toffee coloring head that quickly fizzed out like a sparkling wine.

Raspberry and pungent flavored tipped fangs pierce the nostrils. Wild fruits and oak toasted sultanas. Earth soaked berries drenched in a vanilla and cinnamon cranberry wine. Soured orange peels that are cedar smoked over prunes and figs.

Acidic fruit and sour spiked punch. Cherries steeped in raisin mash and dipped in melted sour apple candies. Sugared lime licorice with berries and resin. Vinegar laced grapes. 10%.

Dipping your taste buds into the third eye of the universe.