Dinosaur Jr. - Farm (2009)

Ninth album from Dinosaur Jr. Psychedelic artwork calls to one's inner hippie. Songs are catchy, inspired, and melodic with a splash of melancholy. Lots of syrupy glazed riffs to sweeten the ears and to get the head into a nodding, soaring haze.

Guitar is warm lava with fuzzy magma soaked solos that pour from the speakers. Vocals are neatly nestled in the back of rhythmical eruptions. Songs like "I Want You to Know" and "Over It" carry early 90's nostalgia. Only drawback is a couple take a little long to wrap up. Great rock album.

1. Pieces
2. I Want You To Know
3. Ocean In The Way
4. Plans
5. Your Weather
6. Over It
7. Friends
8. Said The People
9. There's No Here
10. See You
11. I Don't Wanna Go There
12. Imagination Blind