The Stöned Age (1994)

Produced by some dude who produced those lame Harry Potter movies and released a year after the more popular Dazed and Confused, The Stöned Age, is not only a superior film (to all above mentioned) but includes a clever take on two 70's burnouts and the cast of characters they encounter throughout one radically hellacious night.

Joe and Hubbs are two longhairs with a pinch of schwag and a jug of peppermint schnapps between them but will stop at nothing in their quest for hot chicks. Relying on the Blue Torpedo and the word of some pud named Tack (played by the talented Clifton Collins Jr.) they head out near the old Frankie Avalon place in hopes of putting a little insanity on their potatoes.

However, they'll quickly realize that Tack is the least of their problems and outwitting other worms like Muldoon, Officer Dean, Crump's brother, the Guzzlers, and Lanie's dad are more pressing concerns. Even behind the hilarity of classic one liners, the disco dancing liquor store clerk, and the crushed talls of OX 45 lies an intriguing interaction between two friends. The ginger, Joe, is the quiet good natured type while Hubbs is the jumping on the grenade alpha-male. In the end our two heroes manage to score the chicks and Joe, with his glowing third eye, achieves some redemption.

If it's B.O.C. how can it be pussy?